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Build Professional High-End Websites, CD Business Card Presentations, and Desktop Applications. It's Quick, Easy, & Affordable!

Imagine your own distribution software marketing tool that contains files, documents, home buyer's tools, animation, and other information that customers can access simply by clicking on a button. And what if you could password protect it so only those who you wish to see it can? Well, there’s no need to imagine it. In a matter of hours you can create your very own presentation that can be saved to a CD, Business Card CD, downloadable program, or even an email attachment.

Home Buyer's Companion
Price: $49.99 -SPECIAL-

HBC Program Features
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Tell clients to make a copy and pass it on! Distribute them at open houses and seminars. Refer to your free software in advertisements. Put the program on your web site for free downloads...(more) The challenge facing all businesses is providing potential clients with a valuable service. The Home Buyer's Companion does just that! It is one of the most important tools available to real estate professionals...(more) If you want to acquire clients you must pique their interests and provide them with solid BENEFITS for choosing you. In essence, you must position yourself as a valuable resource...(order)

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Let the Home Buyer's Companion make an unmatched presentation that builds and secures business relations ...(more)

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